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Anyone else mining BitCoin or day-trading? Curious to know other folks heavy in the cryptocurrency space.


Big interest of mine (all cryptos, not only BTC), as of now just “investing” for the fun part of it (two digits, not more, to learn the gists).
I’ve been wanting to to some kind of timeseries analysis for a while as a side project, but could not find the time to actually put myself into this during evenings or weekends.

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I really liked this article on the issue.

But it really needs more features added to it… i don’t know if google rank for altcoins, Realy world currency prices, passing of legislation, adoption by a vendor, or breach headlines would impact the price.


Ya I’m thinking about some blockchain healthcare stuff myself which would be more powerful than so many supercomputers.

This is Dr. Chang from Orange County’s Children Hospital talking about medicine x machine learning, he has one particular part on blockchain being used for validation for privacy.


Heh - I’ll be hanging out with him tomorrow :slight_smile:

(That talk at xmed, now I think about it, was the one I was scheduled to give but then Rachel got sick. Anthony did an amazing job taking over at late notice).


Crypto stuff is interesting as it might be the first area of trading where people actually talk out loud about what they are doing. I haven’t been trading cryptos, but thought I’d throw a couple general trading thoughts out there.

There are some really high level / general (sometimes half sales pitch) videos from qplum on youtube that intro deep learning and trading (eg - they don’t say a lot, but the guy has made > billion trading HFT, so worth a few minutes (this vid gives an intro to 2 older hft strats - the steeple trade may be applicable for crypto -

When looking for ways to apply ML to trading crypto, I might recommend looking at some traditional statistical trading methods and considering how newer ML techniques might enhance these. Looking into PCA for trading (not just risk models), Factor Models and relative value might be useful. Given the current state of Deep RL (unless you have a large cluster at your disposal) I’d be looking at generating high quality signals and using other techniques to build the trading strat (hand craft, ensembles, …). If I was learning or optimizing the strat, I’d probably target my current position size (what size should I be, 0 is an option) as an approachable starting point then expand.

The chat with traders and better systems trader podcasts have had a couple interesting interviews in the last few years - not much deep learning specific, but some on ML approaches (and some a lot more useful than others).


I’m mining bitcoin and honestly it’s super easy and you can do it too.
I’m getting like $10 dollars a day with two 1080 ti’s on my computer.
I’m planning to get 1070 ti’s to increase the profit. :slight_smile:

I used to use nicehash until it went caput a week ago.
Now I’m using Awesome miner and seems to be OK.

I’m planning to start with the architecture once it’s ready with Andrew Trask
You can follow him on twitter for the last information.


It’s a very interesting idea although I am really nervous for the average investor. I am having my 1080ti mine Ether when I’m not doing machine learning though. I’m in the same camp of most people though where I don’t really get it so this is just dipping my pinky toe in the water to see if I can understand why there is so much hype around everything.

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How much are your electricity costs on that $10? Just curious because most of the calculators I was looking at were including that in the calculation as well.

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I live in Houston, TX and the electricity bill is always hight because of the AC running.
Each card uses 210 Watts each

I’m really interested in this space as well. Of course the idea of predicting a cryptocurrencies price movement with DL would be pretty awesome lol but in particular, I am more interested in the bigger picture of using deep learning in combination with the blockchain. For those of us that are into this, we should try to come up with some project together!

Not sure if you guys are familiar with Andrew Trask’s open source project called OpenMined? I think ideas like this can be really powerful. The basic concept is that anyone can provide personal data access for some monetary reward and in turn a DL model gets trained on it so the more data the better the model gets.

IIRC Jeremy may also be involved with a DL/blockchain startup that is medical data related.


That sounds great. I would be interested in this. What kind of combination are you thinking here? I’m not sure how these concepts would be combined, but I’m interested to hear what you’re thinking.

For you can participate right away.
Just join the slack channel and start working the issues.

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About the predicting a cryptocurrency price, you really need a big picture. Follow news daily, follow trend,know what is going on in the community

That is an interesting site. I wonder if doing some sort of sentiment analysis of it would glean any useful information regarding the price of cryptos.

Hakimo, here is a place where you can find analysis and which is more important you can compare wallets, compare Exchanges which is best for you. You know that fees for trading, depositing and especially for withdrawal can be different from exchange to exchange. You need to understand all the payment conditions. Davide, you can find conditions for mining cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

I’m mining Bitcoin because it’s safe and fast to use as it normally takes just a few minutes for someone on the other side of the world to receive the money. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, is changing hands at $6,245.

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