Cross-references between multiple notebooks using nbdev and quarto

Using labels and cross-referencing a figure inside of one notebook is straightforward, but was trying to do the same having a figure in one notebook (my index.ipynb) and create @fig-my-figure in another notebook, but does not work.

Not sure if the way to go is creating a external hyperlink.
Is this question more appropriated for quarto?

Yes this figure stuff is Quarto

I created a GitHub issue in quarto-cli: How to cross reference figures from distinct Jupyter Notebooks ? · Issue #2034 · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · GitHub
According to JJ Allaire, solution is to use Quarto Book project type instead of website, which according to documentation is juts a special case of Quarto website.

Notice that I could change _quarto.,yml but nbdev recreate it.

Could be possible to have an entry in settings.ini to specify the project type if website or book?

What parts of nbdev would you stil want to use vs. just Quarto for a book? I think nbdev is still useful for just documentation or books, but I would also like to hear from you what you find most useful

Definitely my use case remains in creating a Python package that supports specific data analysis.
In my day to day, I need to generate documentation for different audiences (technical and non-technical) and in the past (around 2019) my approach was to change the notebook metadata and leverage RISE to flag cells to indicate which one can go to slideshow and which one to hide, then using pandoc to convert the resultant slideshow to PDF in a pipeline to automate report creation. Now with nbdev + quarto is a breeze!
The need for quarto book cross-reference is when we create multiple notebooks and one chart or table in one notebook could be referenced in another; think is not a big deal if we can use the external link reference instead of just @fig- approach. Also notice in GitHub pages we can print as PDF and the resultant document is nicely rendered, then no need to add extra format on _quarto.yml in case we need to generate another output, however the book structure looks nice and having the option to automate the creation of alternative output is always good.

Need to test publishing with pure quarto and compare, will let you know.