Crestle - An update

Hello learners,

It seems Crestle has changed 10 hours of free GPU and CPU to 1 hour.

Ensure to keep data under 1GB to continue using free account. In case you pass 1GB limit, you won’t be allowed to go back.

Guess, this is the time to think & choose vendor. Setup environment which will be used until course ends. Thank you!

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FWIW, everyone who signed up before this change was made (yesterday) still gets 10 free hours.

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I guess not :slight_smile: is my email ID. I signed up last week and total GPU utilization is ~2 Hours. I’m still asked to add billing to continue the services.

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That’s because you’ve used over 2GB of disk space. Crestle only gives you 1GB free.

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@anurag, Has Crestle removed preloaded data?

Interesting. Shouldn’t I be allowed to log in and clean data then? Probably I shouldn’t have been allowed to add more than 1GB in the first place.

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Yes me too, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 47 seconds = > CPU, 2 hours, 17 minutes, 58 seconds => GPU, 411.14 MB => Storage (before the training was 41MB), and for 10 days I used 5GB of storage, and even if it would have been 30 days does not justify the $1.76 you charged me. yet the service is still very inexpensive, and is very easy to use, lack of improved clarity regarding storage, is not very clear. and I fully understand that your profit for added value is in storage, but it must be very clear, because the documentation is really very poor. in general the service is good and for rapid development is very good.

@anurag - Good luck with Crestle. I only used it sparingly last week, but so far looked good. It hits a really nice sweet spot of minimal setup and very reasonable prices. Once I run out the credits, I will surely come back to explore more.

One suggestion - Interactive Jupyter is good, but many times we want to run in the background as jobs. If you provide a way to Schedule and Run Deep Learning Tasks as Jobs that we could submit to Crestle and collect the results later, it might be a useful platform to run several experiments.


Hi, @anurag, good evening, My card didn’t have any funds yesterday, you can collect now, good night.:laughing::laughing::laughing:

You can do that through the terminal - save your notebook as python file, and use a bash script or similar to run a few python files.

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Today Crestle saved me the night.

For some reason, if you remove an AMI from AWS and have a limit of one AMI, you can’t create another one right away, AWS persists in that the image exists (it was my fault I wasn’t patient in waiting for the official image), but Crestle solves you quickly.

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You can save the notebook and other relevant files that you want to preserve, to a GitHub repo. And then pull/push later once you have the setup issues resolved. :slight_smile:

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