setup for course V3

Hi everyone, I am new to the course…I tried to do lesson1 on I follow the tutorial.

Step 3: Navigate to course
Once you start the notebook your GPU instance should be ready within a minute. We have already setup for you. The directory structure available for you out of the box is as below:

  • courses/fast-ai/course-v3

But when I go check there…there is no /course-V3 folder

Did it moved?

Go to


i am a beginner and have also stumbled onto and have a question, Is it possible to use the profiles to do the Deep Learning part 1 course? I havent managed to set up paperspace properly and often there is only a P5000 instance available which costs $0.78 per hour , i know i can use but it looks like it is double the price for slower hardware than, i tried to use the terminal to install all the necessary fastai libraries but i havent managed to get jupyter notebooks running inside the fastai environment.

any recommendations are welcome

Hi, I will be using the for the dog breed clasification problem, I plan to create a vídeo to show all the process. I hope to have the video ready for monday, december-10-2018.

A Bejarano always pay his debts, here is the video explaining how to set up for the jeremy howard course.

Hey sorry to hijack the thread,

I’m going through the course-v3 on When doing lesson1-pets.ipynb. I try to click on the Cells and do shift + enter to run the code. However it gives me a syntax errors. Does anyone know to stop these and run the code? Also on, for course-v3/nbs/dl1 it only shows a few of the notebooks and not of the notebooks for Part 1 of the course. Does anyone know if they are coming in soon or where they are supposed to be?