session time running too long/not stopping (please help!)


After starting a Jupyter notebook session on a few days ago, the notebook failed to open up, after waiting a couple minutes. I decided to click the red ‘stop session’ button, but after checking back a couple hours later, the ‘Current Session Time’ has still been running. Since then, I’ve tried starting and stopping the Jupyter notebook, to no avail.

Although the website says that all notebooks are shut down after 24 hours, I’m worried that when I put my payment information on the site once more (note that I removed my billing info after seeing the current session time clock run to 8 consecutive hours) I’ll be charged for 108 hours I did not use a Jupyter notebook.

What can I do about this problem? I want to continue working with the Jupyter notebooks and lessons, but I’m afraid of being charged a hefty sum when I add back the billing info.

Any and all help is appreciated, Thank you!

Session time isn’t the same as the time billed. if you log out of the gpu & stop the nbs that are running, under the “running” tab on the jupyter dashboard, you are only charged for the time yr connected to the GPU. At least that’s how it works for me & when I did leave the GPU running, at first, my monthly bill was only bumped up by $10 +/-

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