Creating a blog post from a PDF file in fastpages

Sometimes, I find it easier to convey my thoughts with handwritten notes and such. Using Notability, I can export my notes from my iPad into PDF documents, which can probably be embedded into HTML or similar. Since I’m already blogging using fastpages, is there a convenient way I can set this up in an automated way? perhaps a _pdfs folder?

The goal would be to have the PDF render in the same bounding box as a normal blog post would, but without the scroll bars that sometimes come with embedding documents, so I guess one would scale the width of the PDF to the page?

This is a pretty basic question I imagine, sorry in advance :slight_smile:

In theory it is possible if you have a way to convert your PDF into an image or place it inside an iframe. I don’t know off hand how to do this, though.

The Customizing Fastpages section of the README includes some links that may be helpful on getting started with adding functionality like this