Creating a API with FastAPI and nbdev

Hi everyone,

For a new project I am working on, I made a simple Proof of Concept of creating a web API using FastAPI and nbdev. The result is published in this blog post (normally I write in Dutch, but since I want to share it with this community I wrote it in English).
Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:.

Blogpost: Side Project - Combining FastAPI and nbdev | CabbageMees
Github Repo: GitHub - MeesMolenaar/fastapi-nbdev: Proof of concept of using FastAPI with Nbdev
Github Pages: fastapi-nbdev


I have updated my blog to Quatro, unfortunately it changed the URLs of the post. Now, you can find the blogpost here: CabbageMees - Side Project - Combining FastAPI and nbdev

I can not find the edit button for the post

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