Create_config when !pip install -Uqq fastbook

Anyone can help me with this issue?

Right now i cannot install in COLAB the library for FAST AI


I’m receiving this issue as well. I was able to execute without this issue earlier today, but something changed within the last few hours.

Yeah! for the last 2 hours…im working without problem, but not now…i thing it can be adjustment.

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yeah, I too got the exact same problem. Till yesterday the same notebook was working alright.

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I am also getting same problem

Really sorry everyone,

I know what this is - i’ve created to fix nbdev.


I temporarily got around this by grabbing a copy of the settings.ini from the fastbook github repo and putting it in my pwd. It worked okay then for me, but I’m just a beginner!

I think we have a few temporary workarounds. Nick made a good suggestion above. 1 is a bit fiddly, but you can see exactly what’s going on. 2 is easy, but you might not want to trust the code in my github branch.

Note: remember to “change runtime type” to use a GPU (o:

  1. Follow these steps in any of the course notebooks

    • Split the first cell into 2 cells

    • Run the 1st cell

    • Go to files …

    • … and up one level

    • Navigate to usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/nbdev

    • Open and comment out the last line

    • Run the second cell to import and setup fastbook

  2. Or you can, install nbdev from my branch after installing fastbook

!pip install -Uqq fastbook
!pip install git+
import fastbook

Please be careful when trusting this kind of advice - I am trying to help (o: but … this kind of thing could easily be used to run malicious code

Thank you this works

I’ve made a new release with the fix, so it should work fine now.


Thanks!!! @jeremy

import fastbook dies with IN_NOTEBOOK not defined, on Paperspace / Gradient free GPU account.