Covid-19, Tech, and Ethics Issues

This is a thread for sharing articles, resources, and ideas at the intersection of covid-19, tech, and ethics. Two big categories are disinformation and surveillance/privacy. I will make this post a wiki so others can add to it.


Privacy & Surveillance

There have been proposals to increase surveillance (through tracking people, sharing personal health data between public health authorities and private companies, thermal surveillance cameras, and more)

@hypervisible (who does a great job of covering privacy & surveillance issues in general) is keeping a twitter thread of articles related to coronavirus and surveillance:


Thanks very much @rachel for starting this important conversation. I added a fact checking charity URL under the “Disinformation” category. It’s very crucial to actually check any information we read or hear generally, including this pandemic.

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Thanks @rachel for starting this thread. I just came across MIT project for distributed, secure contact tracing: Given the names behind the project I would tend to think this is credible and probably the best we have right now for contact tracing but would love to hear your thoughts in case you have seen this already.

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Thank you @rachel for starting this cycle. Theme pretty good.