Course publicly launched!

I just launched this course publicly. Details here:

For folks that took the in-person course and have been here a while, please help all the new students get their bearings. There’s a lot of info here so it’ll take a while for people to process it! Thanks to you all for making this forum such a great resource. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Been waiting for this day.

Quick note, it looks like the title and text for lesson 7 is a copy of the lesson 6 title/text. Video is correct, just the right side text that needs an update.

Can’t wait to dig in.

Amazing! Can’t wait to dive in!

Thank you so much @jeremy for your energy to keep on renewing material!! I’m sure this one will be exceptionally good as usually… :slight_smile:

I was so excited when I saw the news last night and I was waiting for it all day :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much @jeremy and the fastai team ! :clap:t3::+1:t3:

In the Lesson 1, Jeremy says that if we don’t see 00_notebook_tutorials.ipynb, we need to set it up. I’ve started the paperspace notebook and find it under course-v3/nbs/dl1. Can someone confirm this is the correct material? Thanks.

That is the one.

Thanks for making the 3rd version of this awesome course available to us. Your comment re: the forum members helping out is much appreciated. The forums, IMO, are a crucial resource in not only helping new people trying the public version get their bearings but also work through their learning process by asking questions. This is super important for the kinds of subject matter experts (aka non coders, non comp-sci people) who may not be so confident with the minutiae of command line, library versions and what have you.

The kinds of people this course and the philosophy behind is explicitly trying to attract and help familiarize with machine/deep learning.

Sadly, what I see on the forums is that most of the questions re: v3 course that ask for help or guidance go un-answered.

I was wondering why that is. My feeling is that people who really were gung ho about the course have already taken it via the live streams etc and have moved on to other projects, so they don’t hang out much in the forums.

This leaves newcomers to this course in an interesting situation. The course is quite free form and there isn’t as much structure as there might be in a coursera offering, say. So, forums become very important.

So, if you get stuck, ask a question and it never gets answered by anyone. You ask maybe another question which also just sits there. a few of these occurrences might be enough to discourage newbies.

I’m not really sure what the answer is to this, but I feel so much effort has gone into making this available to people, yet quite a few people may be getting discouraged and leaving because they feel they can’t make headway.

It’s true that sometimes people don’t “search” first, but given the chaotic nature of the forum software interface it’s hard to look for answers to what (you think) your problem is, because when you’re new, you can’t even articulate what the issue maybe, so you don’t search the right terms.

It would be great if people with some experience could help the newcomers out. I wouldn’t even mind a reply saying “your question is stupid, this is how you search for it, or this is how you look for the info, don’t do that again! etc.”

currently we just have a bunch of questions (just the last couple of days) with 20-30 views, but zero answers… just being ignored silently.

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