Course Material Licensing

Is it possible to license the Practical Deep Learn for Coders course material? I had the impression there was something about licensing in an old version of the course site.

I was inquired by a research group in the university where I did my master’s for a Deep Learning course reference. I, of course, suggested they recommend PDLfC for their students. But they need the course in Brazilian Portuguese and they might (not clear at this point) have paying students (despite being a public University, they do have some paid extension courses).

There were just too many questions I didn’t know the answer and I don’t want to be unethical or somehow responsible to a licensing problem between two communities I love.

Here are some of the questions:

  1. To what extent can a public university use the course material for a paid course? and for a free course?
  2. If they choose to keep the course free, can they create subtitles in Portuguese? In this case, how could the subtitled videos be distributed?
  3. If they choose to keep the course free, can they pay someone to dub the course? In this case, how could the dubbed videos be distributed?
  4. If they choose to have paying students, can they use the PFLfC Jupyter Notebooks in their course?
  5. Are there examples of universities or research groups that correctly licensed PFLfC course material?

I apologize in advance if this is not the right category to ask this kind of “meta” questions.

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This is a really good question, cc @jeremy

Maybe Whisper could help?

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There isn’t really a general answer to these questions - it depends on the situation. In general, I’m keen to find a way for universities to be able to use our course materials. Best to send me a PM here or a Discord message with the details of what you’re looking for.