Counting the objects in an image

Hi guys,

I am trying to build an application to count objects in satellite imagery e.g ships or cars outside a supermarket.
Now, the labeled dataset that I have contains images of 80x80 px windows of imagery and labels if the object is present in the image or not e.g ship or no-ship. I was able to build a good classifier using the dataset.

Now, to count the no. of objects, I can divide the image into windows and count the no. of windows with the object. I want to know if there are better alternatives.

What do you guys think? Let me know should you need more details on the problem.

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Hey @shubham24, you might want to check out this other thread :slight_smile:


I’m working on a similar problem, what you are trying to do is object detection and there are already well researched libs that do this such as tensorflow/models:

I’ve successfully trained OD models on sat/aerial imagery and currently working on improving accuracy. PM me if you’re interested in partnering up to tackle this problem.


Yes, I was able to build an object detection model using Keras.
But, I would love to collaborate with you on this. PMed you with my contact :slight_smile: