Copy files using scp: Permission denied

Platform: Google Compute Engine
VM instance: pytorch-latest-gpu-20190911

In order to save GCP billing time, I cloned the fastai course v3 and libraries on my local machine which allows me to play with non-compute intensive operations like data set creation, etc.

So after creating several datasets, I tried to copy the folders to my vm instance using WinSCP. But I got ‘Permission denied’ error. After much frustration, I found this was due to the /home directories being owned by ‘jupyter’. I then used $ sudo chown -R my-username ~/jupyter to change ownership to my username. This allowed me to copy all my local data to gce via WinSCP. But when I attempted to run my notebooks in gce, they would not run. In order to run, I had to revert ownership back to ‘jupyter’.

So my question is this: how can I change /home owner to my_username but still allow Jupyter to run my notebooks? Is this a setting within Jupyter or do I need to do something else?