Convert TensorImage to fastAI image which can be used in learn.,predict()

Hi, I don’t know if there is any way that I can transfer a TensorImage to a FastAi image in fastai v2. Previously, there is a class called Image() and we can get the FastAi image with Image(x).

But currently, I am not sure if there is an API that can do this transformation. I use the image = PILImage.create(tensor_img), then I use learn.predict(image) to predict specific image. However, any test images that I predicted get the same results, but the tensor _img I passed in is totally different. So I think this because I didn’t use the correct API to transfer the TensorImage to the FastAi image.

image = PILImage.create(tensor_img)
_, _, result = learn.predict(image)

The output for the image is totally the same but the tensor_img is different or there is an api can directly change the Tensor to FastAi image used in learn.predict

Thank you for anyone’s help.