Convert non-nbdev projects to nbdev2 projects

For the first version of nbdev there was a library lib2nbdev written by Zachary Mueller (original post) to convert a non-nbdev project to nbdev. I have searched for an update to that project that converts non-nbdev projects to nbdev2 but failed to find any. So, I forked Zachary’s project and started adapting it for nbdev2. It is not working yet, but thanks to nbdev2 I have a nice website and was able to publish the project on pypi. :crazy_face:
I am not very proficient in programming, so I am mostly hacking the old code and mending it with some functions from nbdev1. If anyone has an interest in such library please take a look at what I did on github and send me your constructive criticism. Help is also welcome :wink:
Or if someone knows of an already working library for such purpose, please let me know.

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