'Conv_Learner' is not defined

(Aniket Maurya) #1

In the lecture video, Jeremy has used
learn = Conv_Learner(data, models.resnet34, metrics = accuracy)
But I am getting an error on that Conv_Learner is not defined. I have imported everything from fastai and fastai.vision modules. Although create_cnn and cnn_learner is working fine.

(Dominik Engel) #2

There is no Conv_Learner anymore. cnn_learner does exactly what you are looking for. Some videos may show old syntax. The notebooks should be up to date tho.

(Aniket Maurya) #3

I saw some notebooks in the github repo but they are still using ConvLearner

(George Zhang) #4

You are probably reading the legacy repo.

(Aniket Maurya) #5

Yeah right! Thank you