Constantly running into "practical" issues

Hi everyone,

As I’m going through just a few first sections of the course, I keep running into ‘administrative’ or ‘practical’ issues, such as Jupyter notebook not wanting to open any files saying: 500: Internal Server Error, not being able to install mamba without creating a new environment, etc.

It feels like not making any progress with “real” learning and instead focusing on practical issues that don’t help me develop my intuition around deep learning, etc.

I’m using GPT-4 as much as possible to resolve the issues but for the most part without luck as most of the errors could be caused by various things (as it says).

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to more easily follow along with the videos/book without running into these issues. Perhaps by uninstalling everything and just building it up as I follow along the course?

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,


The course suggests to use online services such Colab and Kaggle (and others). This makes it easier to concentrate on learning and make progress, rather than getting stuck dealing with local machine install and config issues.

The live coding series goes through a lot of set up topics and issues, (and is filled with great workflow tips). Live coding 1


Hi Allen,

Looks very useful with the live coding series and I wasn’t aware of the existence of those so thanks a lot for referring me!