Confusion on fastai documentation

I am starting with fastai course and library. The problem I am facing is that I am not able to understand the documentation. From the documentation, I expect that there will be a definition of a function, a list of parameters, attributes, methods, and one example. I cannot find the list of attributes, especially for dataloader objects.

Please let me know if I am missing something here.

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Hi Zeeshan, sorry about the challenge. However, understanding library documentation, especially for complex frameworks like FastAI, can indeed be challenging.
Here are some general tips that might help you navigate through FastAI documentation more effectively:

  1. Start with Tutorials and Guides:
  • FastAI, provide tutorials and guides alongside the documentation. These resources often explain concepts in a more beginner-friendly way.
  1. Explore Example Notebooks:
    FastAI usually includes example notebooks that demonstrate how to use different features. These notebooks often provide practical examples that can be easier to understand than raw documentation.

  2. Source Code Exploration:
    If the documentation is not sufficient, explore the source code directly. Understanding the source code of functions, classes, or modules can give you insights into their implementation and behavior.

  3. Use Jupyter Notebooks:
    Experiment with the library in Jupyter Notebooks. It’s an interactive way to test code snippets and see the results immediately. FastAI’s interactive notebooks can be a great learning resource.

  4. Review Documentation Structure:
    Documentation typically follows a structure. Look for sections like “Introduction,” “Parameters,” “Attributes,” and “Methods.” However, not all libraries follow the same structure, so exploring various sections may be necessary.

I hope this helps.

Regarding your specific concern about attributes for DataLoader objects, you might find these attributes in the documentation, source code, or example notebooks. If specific attributes are not well-documented, you may need to refer to the source code for DataLoader in the FastAI GitHub repository.