Confused between v1 and v2, would appreciate clarification

Hi guys,

Was following instructions on the v1 videos on setting up aws instances etc and i chanced upon Jeremy’s post on the forums regarding v2 videos – could anyone be so kind as to explain to me the difference between v1 and v2 videos and which should I focus my efforts on?

I also noticed that in the v2 videos setting up of aws was not walked through - are they no longer useful or just not covered so that there is no duplication of content?

Thanks in advance!

V2 is a later version of the course with updates and improvements. I’d recommend going with V2 as you will have fewer problems with software compatibility issues. The improvements are also worthwhile. AWS setup (etc) is covered in the forums/wiki, but Paperspace is the smoother platform for the course if you are not already an AWS whiz. Cheaper too!

Thank you for your kind help Ralph, I really appreciate it!

I actually prefer using AWS because I have some credits that I can use – I noticed that Jeremy did after all cover it in the second class :slight_smile:

I notice that we also use a customized package created by fastai – will we however be using much of the usual DL packages that are widely used in the industry (like keras, theano and/or tensorflow)?

Once again, thanks for the clarification in advance!

V2 of the course uses fastai library, which is built on top of PyTorch.

V1 is mostly Keras, V2 is PyTorch, though the courses are mostly about learning to model rather than learning a deep learning platform. The fastai library on top of pytorch speeds your implementation time so you can experiment more. Once you have a model, you can build it in Keras to understand the differences.

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Awesome, thank you so much for your help @atikur and @Ralph!

Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Also, any idea if the videos have been uploaded to the website or do we still have to access them via the links on a forum post by Jeremy? Can’t seem to find part v2 of the course on, and neither can I seem to find the associated wiki page (which I saw was mentioned somewhere!)

Yes, you can access V2 lectures (and associated wiki pages) from website.

Just realised that the updated ones are on the homepage of the site… How silly of me! Thanks so much for your help @atikur!