Configuring fastpages is an arkano

Good morning,
I’ve been trying to configure “Fastpages” for a while now. I have followed the instructions - repository copy, PR, private and public ssh keys, etc…- and the result is always the same, a nice “404” page.
It causes me great frustration and waste of time, because I really don’t understand what the problem is for this to happen. I am just starting with, and I would like to have my own blog to write while following the course.
Please could someone help me to have operational Fastpages.
Thank you very much for your help.

When I setup fastpages, I got the 404 page too, because I missed a step that had asked me to do a pull request at this time in the video. Tbh, its quite easy to miss this part of the instruction because it went quite fast. See if that solves your problem.

Impossible, I can’t fix the issue. I get mails saying that “CI: All jobs have failed”…it must be a failure in the construction of the site. I don’t understand why I can’t configure fastpages correctly. :sleepy: :sleepy:

I have never used fastpages, because I do not like to wrestle with configurations. For some people it works, others seem to be having a tough time. In my personal case, I like to make life simple, so I would just use a platform already available. Yes, you won’t get fancy, executable notebooks with code highlighting, but you can have a simple medium or blogspot blog and point the readers to your notebook on github.

The point of blogging in my view is to share my learnings with everyone, help others and learn in the process of writing. Not to get frustrated trying to get some blogging platform going for many days and then getting so frustrated that I lose sight of my main goal which is to learn about deep learning. So if I ever start blogging, I’ll just use medium or blogspot.

I think it’s a good strategy, I think I’ll leave Fastpages and do my writing on Medium, where I already have an account some time ago.

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There’s a pretty good blog below, with clearer instruction on how to setup fastpages. That is, if you still want to give it one more try :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this link! I’ve been meaning to setup fastpages myself, so I will use it when the time comes. I do find it a bit amusing that the instructions to use fastpages are posted on blogspot :joy:

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Hello, thank you for your reply. The truth is that I have followed the steps indicated in this blog several times before and the result does not change: “CI: All jobs have failed”.
So, if there is no other idea I think I will look for other options, because these things waste a lot of time that could be used for the main thing, learning Deep Learning and