Conda openssl issue anaconda

Anyone else running into the SSL Module is not available problem when using conda on Linux for windows?
I have no solution but this is the problem I am seeing:

New Anaconda install on bash for windows.
Go to use conda and get the error:

I think it might be related to this issue

Which was solved by reverting to an earlier version of anaconda
Anyone else seen this problem?

Temporary fix:
Ray Donnelly from the Conda Google Group kindly pointed me in the direction of this issue post on github that temporarily works around the problem.

The following is working as temporary fix for me:
sudo apt install execstack
cd anaconda3/lib
execstack -c

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thank you, this helped me. Are you also using the python 3 version of anaconda in your LSSW environment?

Perhaps related to some general incompatibility between Anaconda and LSSW, I can’t open spyder in bash without having it fail. LSSW seems to buggy to do anything without major setbacks every step of the way. Maybe I should just use a VM afterall, but I liked the idea of having a built-in subsystem.

I am using python3.

LSSW still seems to be work in progress it seems to support the core functionality but little more.

The key missing element is no graphic through pass to the underlying hardware. Other than that various things seem to break with different releases. Until very recently Jupyter was broken but conda was fine…now Jupyter is fine but conda get hit because ssl is broken. Still its kind of functional.

Meanwhile if you want gpu just dual boot.