Colaboratory By Google - Free Jupyter Notebook Access

Hi Everyone!!

I just got access and came across this interesting tool. It can be used to run and share Jupyter notebooks without installing Python.
Tried Running Sample Keras - CNN on CIFAR10 : Takes 6 to 10 mins for 1 epoch ( CPU Only instance :frowning: )
BTW its free.

Guess it can be used for initial prototyping.




Is it invite only?
After i signed up, I got message as ‘added to waitlist’ and will be notified once it is available for me to use.

It’s pretty cool, but only Python 2.7, yeah? :frowning:

It showed that notification when I registered also. But,I got the invitation on the same day itself.

There’s also something called Azure Notebooks, it’s in beta preview right now

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This is so awesome. I really needed something like this for writting tutorials .

hi,its sachin…I have started using colaboratory but having trouble to acess dataset stores in google drive
can anyone help me…

same problem here

Does anyone know an alternative to using Shift-Tab. It doesn’t work with Colab.

You are able to do ?<function> like ?np.array and it will show you the help for the specific function.

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