Colab Taking Long Time To Run

Colab taking a long time (>30 mins) to run the Pets example. Jeremy ran this in a few seconds during Lesson 1. Has anyone else seen this ? Am I doing anything wrong ? I didnt see an option to choose a GPU size in Colab.

Did you try going to Runtime -> Change Runtime Type and does it show a “None” or a “GPU”?

If None, click none and GPU should show as an option available. If not wait awhile and try again. Free users are no longer guaranteed a GPU 100% of the time

It sounds like you’re running a CPU instance


Thanks @muellerzr That solved the problem!

I get a TraitError when I use the upload button. The “fake it” code allowed me to bypass the issue, but it wouldn’t feel right if I can’t get the button working.

Yes (it was discussed in the course lesson chat). Widgets are likely to not work in Colab

I updated it with the uploader from colab:

Thank you good sir