Code With Friends Fall 2020🍁

Sorry for late notice (this round closes SEP29) but I just found this opportunity for people to collaborate together on swift projects (courtesy world-famous youtuber Mayuko). It is completely free (I’m not selling somethng lol).

It is about coding in a group in a team environment to reach a production application goal. While notebooks and pure research are good, this is an opportunity to include your ML experience as a module in an actual app, bot, or other goal.

orientation stream:

Most of Mayuko’s viewers are probably developers looking to get into the mobile app space, and not ML, but this is the advantage of getting involved in this: you will get exposed to production application /collaboration concerns, and your teammates with less ML experience will become exposed to SwiftAI / swiftForTensorflow, pytorch/fastAI. (not that everybody is separated like that, but you get the point)