Cloud Credits or discount to start Deep Learning course

Hello team,
I am planning to start my Data Science journey with the fastAI course for deep learning in a couple of weeks, and having a cloud GPU is super useful for creating models and experimenting at a quick pace. I couldn’t find any umbrella place to fetch which cloud services are providing what sort of credits for registering and using their servers. I’m personally in strong favour of using AWS for the course, because I already have some experience with AWS & I find it easier to setup, however, I’m also concerned about the pricing as I prefer low cost servers currently (and I’m not a college student so the AWS educate might not work for my case). Wanted some inputs from the folks here on any recommendations on the same :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if it helps but I find Gradient (by Paperspace) to be one of the best options with a great free tier.
It also has a specific entry to get the fast ai setup automatically!

I made a quick intro a few weeks ago at Start learning state-of-the-art #deeplearning , no $$ machine, free resource! With Gradient and FastAI #career #ai #ml #code #fastai #paperspace


SageMaker Studio Lab allows up to 8 hours of GPU use per day. Paperspace Gradient and Google Colab can be buggy at times.

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have not tried Sagemaker Studio Lab yet but great observation about your experience with papespace and Colab.

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Wow a fastai tiktok! :smiley:

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I’ve experimented with the format a little but I’m still not sure how to best make them haha