CLI to Compare Cloud Prices

I got tired of comparing cloud prices every few weeks to see if another one was cheaper (and I forget how much they cost anyway) so I decided to make a little cli tool to do this for me. It basically scrapes the latest prices from AWS, GCP and Azure and presents you with the cheapest instances that fulfil your criteria (cpus, ram, gpus, gpu ram).

You can have a look at the code or try it out on github. I’m hoping to improve things so if you have any feedback or would like to help, please message me!

In particular, some things to consider:

  • The first time you run the cli, the data is downloaded. The second time it’ll use the cached data.
  • I’d like to add pricing for spot instances and storage eventually.
  • GCP and azure don’t provide a pricing sheet (that I know of) so the scraping that I do to get the pricing might not be perfect. If you know of a better source (or work there), please let me know.
  • Similarly to the previous point, the AWS pricing sheet has some (ridiculously cheap) instances that I can’t seem to find in the console, which makes me think that they shouldn’t be on the list.

If you have any problems (and it’s very likely that there are) just reply here and I’ll try fix them asap.

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