Cifar10 to 94% speedup 30%

result: 30% speedup, from 21min to 14min on my computer, for training >94% acc.

With some hyperparameter tuning and minor modification in training I’ve got 30% speedup, from 21min to 14min, for training up to 94% acc. Running tests multiple times I got >94% acc in 10 out of 10 tries.
I used ‘old fastai’ with underying architecture and pipeline similar to: ‘

  1. smaller model

  2. Augmentation: cutout, mixup (took your implementation ‘’, thank you very much!). Without Mixup I got 9 out of 10 tries over 94% acc.
    For Cutout I used my own slightly different implementation. As of now my Cutout seems to be faster with same improvement (I have to to more comparison specifically on that.)

  3. ‘Long’ epochs in training: looping through dataset multiple times during one epoch.

fastai dawnbench on my computer ‘’:

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