CIA World Factbook (and an unrelated note on the risks of chloroquine)

For those interested: the CIA World Factbook still offers interesting data for developing a model on countries and COVID-19. The data is static, but there are many interesting factors like dependency ratio/proportion of population > 65 yrs, urbanization, life expectency, sanitation, physician density and unemployment.

Not related
For those interested I wrote a short blog from a medical perspective on why not to use hydroxychloroquine at home:

You are posting two unrelated things, one of them is advertising your own blog. By mentioning both on the same the subject line, you are implying the two are related, but in fact, they aren’t.

This is abusive and disrespectful of other readers here who expect well-mannered, focused discussion, not random “by the way” opinionated quackery telling others what to think and “why they should follow how you think.”. No, a lot of the readers here have independent critical thinking ability and do not need yet-another attension-seeking click-bait of “why and how” opinion.

Such behavior is exactly “why readers should not take your words seriously”.

Hi Philip,

I posted both subjects in the same post, because I thought two seperate posts created more polution on the forum. Sorry to hear the distinction is not clear to you. I hope other readers can make this distinction now.

Why would you call the content ‘quackery’? I am trained as a MD and obtained a Master in epidemiology. Currently I’m working in clinical pharmacology. There are references at the bottom of the article. Protection of people against quackery is exactly the reason to write the post.
I hope (some) other people are informed by it.


Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me.