Chit Chat Thread

You can use this thread for chit chat about anything you like (except politics), in class or not.


Link to the live lecture?

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Hi everyone, very happy to be here!
Fernando Melo, from Brazil!
Anybody else from Brazil?

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It is referenced here:

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Hi everyone! What are your twitter handles? I’d like to follow more machine learning people.

Mine is @braddwyer

I am also from Brazil! And I am Fernando as well hahahah

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Anyone planning to run notebooks on Google collab?

Thats great! I´m in Brasilia. what about you?

Nice to be back again :slight_smile: Nikhil from South Bay (CA) here, hoping to have a productive part 2 session!

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I’m @hortonhearsafoo on twitter

Where’s the thread for this lesson, lesson 1?

It’s lesson 8 (1-7 were Part 1)

It’s lesson 8

Ha! No homework for me :smiley:

Hello everyone. Looking forward to learning with all of you!

I’m bhutanisanyam1 on twitter.

Hi Brad,
Heres mine: @aman_davinci

So nice to be part of the community and participate while the lesson is being taught online!

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I’m @fmelobr on twitter