Chapter 9: Trouble with "import kaggle"

When running the line of code:

from kaggle import api

in the Jupyter Notebook “09_tabular” I get the following error:

OSError: Could not find kaggle.json. Make sure it’s located in /root/.kaggle. Or use the environment method.

I am using paperspace. I restarted kernel, even cleared out the entire workspace and restored default fastai course. Any ideas how to fix it?

You need to go to[your username]/account and find the API section, Create New API Token, and then transfer to /root/.kaggle

Thanks, I have the .json file but how do I create the /.kaggle folder? If I try to create it it says “no such file or directory”

I moved it to notebooks/.kaggle but I still get the error, likewise when I do root/.kaggle

EDIT: I have it working, must use home directory not root. so ~/.kaggle/kaggle.json