Chapter 2 - Production: Unable to get Bing Image Search API Key


I am unable to get the Bing Image search API key despite several attempts. If someone can advise specific current links to get this, I will give it yet another shot.

Alternately, I would like to know if meanwhile I can move ahead with the course incase I am unable to get the Bing Image API Key or will that be a logical break and may impact ahead?

Looking forward to an actionable advise.

The latest version of the Pt1. course moved away from Bing, as it was problematic.

See course example here, using duckduckgo instead of Bing.

And lessons here:

The links mentioned on the website page you mentioned ( Practical Deep Learning for Coders - 1: Getting started ) do not seem to be consistent

example -

If I go to the resources section on the lesson weblink you sent, it takes me to some other version of course as here [`[]

On the other hand, under resources, kaggle notebook and all lesson notebooks take me here (which is as per your example citing duckduckgo)

Also, can I get a colab version of the course somewhere?

Thank you

The Jupyter notebooks are in the course22 repo. GitHub - fastai/course22: The course notebooks

You can open them in colab, just point colab to the repo and select the notebook you want to load.

Thank you Allen…very clear instructions!