Cell run for ever

I am trying to download a dataset into my environment with PyTorch and I download cell never finished!


Another piece of information: I am using jupyter notebook with vs.
I think this error happens when I am trying to download a model or dataset and press interrupt.
But when I press restart kernel or run the cell again the cell doesn’t finish downloading!

I had this yesterday grabbing a large zip of images.

Usually this happens when the download is complete but the files are still unzipping. For large datasets, this can take a while. Be patient, grab a coffee and come back later. It will finish.

If you are able to see your hard drive & cpu activity metrics, you confirm that they are busy working.


This is really weird!
A file of size 300 mb take more than 2 hours!

Yeah, that is weird. CIFAR10 is a lot of small files, and it does take longer than expected, but 2 hours is crazy. Maybe something wrong with the source file?

Try using these fastai - External data

below took less than minute on collab.

! pip install fastai -Uqq
from fastai.vision.all import *
path = untar_data(URLs.CIFAR)