Can't run DataBlock tutorial on Collab

I’m trying to run the tutorial on collab. I got the following problems.

  1. nbdev had to separately pip installed (fixed) Edit: for the tutorial collab notebook
  2. When trying to create a DataBlock for BIWI dataset Path.load() does not work, I get
'PosixPath' object has no attribute 'load'

I came to know that load() is a method added by fastai from StackOverflow.

I have tried the following imports

  1. On DataBlock tutorial notebook:
! [[ -e /content ]] && pip install -Uqq fastai  # upgrade fastai on colab
!pip install nbdev
from nbdev.showdoc import show_doc

from import *
from import *
  1. On my personal notebook:
!pip install -Uqq fastbook
import fastbook

from fastbook import *
from fastai import*
from import *
from import *

Both the notebooks work run perfectly on my local windows machine. But not on Collab which has the GPU VRAM to be able to handle Fastai training.
How can I troubleshoot this?