Can't import csv file in google colab

I have been doing the Digit Recogniser competition from Kaggle after watching lecture1.
I have been trying to create an ImageDataBunch from the train.csv file but colab is giving the output that there is no file in the directory although it exists.

Could you do this and share the output?
Import os

This is the code which I have been trying

The issue is ‘My Drive’

You need to write ‘My\ Drive’

When I am using My Drive, I can create the dataframe and can read the data in tabular form but when I am trying to create ImageDataBunch.from_df by passing the dataframe,it is still showing the same error.

ImageDataBunch.from_df() will get the data and label from file path in the dataframe.

Your error is occurring because the train.csv and test.csv contain pixel values, not the path to where pictures are at.

So you need to use the csv files and convert them to images.
This kaggle notebook can help you with this: