Can't get the rossman_data_clean working

(Max Yazhbin) #1

I got everything running up until the following lines of code:
for df in (joined,joined_test):
df["Promo2Since"] = pd.to_datetime(df.apply(lambda x: Week(
x.Promo2SinceYear, x.Promo2SinceWeek).monday(), axis=1).astype(pd.datetime))
df["Promo2Days"] = df.Date.subtract(df["Promo2Since"]).dt.days

Here is the error I got:

I am running ubuntu 18.04 on AWS. I see I can autocomplete pd.datetime just fine and get the documentation to show up but I still see that it doesn’t know what datetime.datetime is, I even did from datetime import datetime but that didn’t work either.

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Rossman_data_clean.ipynb got TypeError: dtype '<class 'datetime.datetime'>' not understood
(Peter Walkley) #2

I hit this too. I think the solution is to remove the ‘.astype(pd.datetime)’ part. I haven’t gone through lesson 6 yet to confirm, but from reading up it seems like that is redundant as to_datetime should be performing the type conversion already.



This is correct. notebook needs updating

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