Can't get google colab setup to look like video

I have followed the instructions on the home page but I don’t get the notebook I see in the video at 30:52. The video says (just before this timestamp) there are lots and lots of instructions on how to get things setup, but what I have been able to follow doesn’t seem to work. I set up one notebook and entered these lines.

And nothing much seemed to happen. I really want this to work. If there are more detailed instructions I would love to see them.

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check out this page above, you can directly open any lesson of notebook through links that page.
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Hi russnagel1 hope all is well!

It looks like you are using google colab?

if you select file > open notebook > GitHub
then enter fastai and select fastai/fastbook you can get notebooks individually.

Not sure currently why we can’t see anything in gdrive currently.

hopefully this will get you started.
nb! remember to save your notebooks after making changes as colab does
here’s another useful link Short URLs to fastbook in Colab
Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley: :smiley:

Hello - I am having extraordinary difficulty with this. I set Colab to GPUs and try running the first block of code, I enter the long authorization code, but it just says “Mounted at /content/gdrive” and nothing much happens. Here are screenshots:

What am I doing wrong? Why is this not running? Thank you!!

Hi, once you pasted the code and it says "“Mounted at /content/gdrive” you’ve done with that cell.

Geez louise, it is working now. Thank you @Mugnaio !