Can't find output file in committed kaggle kernel

Hi, I wanted to get my models .pkl file using learner.export. But there is no “Output” section on left-hand side of my committed kaggle kernel.


But no output file :

Here is the kernel :

What am I doing wrong here? Please advise.

You can directly download the pickle file without committing the code in kaggle.


from IPython.display import FileLink

This will create a download link for you, from which you can download your file.

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It worked. Thank you so much Seemant.
I had to use absolute path for FileLink though, otherwise the file was not being generated.

Also do you have any idea why output file might not appear after commit? For future reference of course :smiley:

I’m not sure. Probably because of some directory issue.

hey can you try learn.export("/kaggle/working/fruitsmodel.pkl"). That might work


It worked.
So the issue was with relative/absolute path.
Thanks, Dipam.

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I am trying to use above lines to download file, however I am getting this error

default backend - 404

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Hi, @jasmeet
Try using absolute path in the FileLink.
If your directory is read-only or if you are in a different directory than your model, this method might not work.

This error occurs if FileLink fails.

Hi @abyaadrafid,

I am using


is it absolute path? Also, I am in the working directory and this file exists in the working directory. Can you please help me?

the link that opens is -
and the error I am getting is :

default backend - 404

Remember that Kaggle has a ‘read-only’ restriction in the input folder except for submission files. In most cases you need to create another folder in the root and save your files there.

Try this :

cd /kaggle/working

from IPython.display import FileLink

This is working for me.

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Does not work for me. Maybe something I am doing wrong :frowning:

Could you provide your kernel link?
Asking just to be sure : did you try replacing the apostrophe?