Can't download data for ml1 lesson 1

I’m doing ml1 and am following lesson 1.

However, there is no data/bulldozers/Train.csv file.

When I try to download the data using Jeremy’s curl technique, there is no “download data” button on Kaggle.

When I try to download it using the Kaggle cli tool, I get a message saying “Train.csv already exists!” but that’s not true.

Can anyone help?

Are you trying to download it onto a virtual machine like paperspace? or donwload it locally?

Here is the link to the kaggle data set: - if you scroll down you can see the train and test zip files.

Personally I use the cliget extension for firefox for the curl code.

Does that help?

Hey Kieran thanks for the reply!
I’m using Paperspace, and I tried to get the curl code but I can’t even download the file.
(You can try this too, if you click on it will say “No description yet”)

If you look on the right of the 7zip tab there is a small download button, click on that instead and it works.
I can screen grab if that doesn’t make sense


when you hover over this section it will pop up at the right hand side of the tab

I found it! I had to accept the competition’s terms and conditions!
Thanks Kieran.

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It’s keep asking to accept competition’s terms and conditions and not letting me to download train.csv.

I have the same problem…

Is it an active forum for or do we need to look for help somewhere else? Thanks

I’m also keep seeing the same issue.

I am also keep seeing the same issue, when try to download or Train.7z, Kagle website prompting Rules Acceptance message box and when we try to click on I Understand and Accept, nothing happens after clicking on “I Understand and Accept” button.

The response I got from the Kaggle support is the following:

Thank you for your inquiry. You will need to verify a phone number in your account. Please click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, select “My Profile”, and then click on the blue “Edit Profile” button. Scroll down to the area “Phone verification” and click on “Not verified”.

Follow the instructions listed on this page to proceed with verifying your account. Please make sure to include the country code with your phone number. Do not include numbers before the country code, or any symbols.

Let us know if you have any issues.

Kaggle Support