Can't deploy teddy vs bears classifier

Hi there, please could anyone give me a hand with this error ?

Thanks beforehand

Not a very useful error message unfortunately. Was this the whole error?

yes that was all

Do you have all the packages with the correct version - indicated by requirements.txt

Yes i think so. else how do i check that to confirm it for you.??

For each package in the requirements.txt:

pip show aiofiles

It should tell you the version. Compare that with what is in requirements.txt

try running pip list and that will give you what is installed on your system.
Or you can also do:

pip freeze > requirements.txt

to make a requirements.txt and use that.

That said, I just spent the some time the past two days trying to get my model deployed on render and basically gave up at this point…so hopefully you have better luck!


ran the cmd in my terminal and the notebook and it displays nothing

To confirm all you’ve changed there is the export_file_url's value in the app/

yes i’ve changed it

What does pip list say?

oh great with that i have the list of thing i installed

sorry but i have a question : how do that installation on my local machine affect the deployment i thought the deployment isn’t done locally. Please could you expand on that a little bit ?

Oh yeah wow! Thanks for reminding me… wow I feel stupid :grinning:

It must be the export_file_url then :slight_smile:

:cry: how come . I did really follow the steps over here to configure it very well…

Hmmm… maybe try a dropbox link instead. Try with the original link just to make sure that that is indeed the problem.
export_file_url = ''

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I think I had a problem when i first deployed to render - I think it had something to do with permissions on the google drive file.

There is some conversation on this thread about it:


you should give it a try again :slight_smile:. mine is working now. and now onto training my own image classifier.

thank to you all for your quick feedback about my issue. I really appreciated your support. and to anyone landing on this post i will strongly advise this post Deployment Platform: Render ✅ suggested by @mcclomitz. The post is still active :slight_smile: