Can't create a fastpages blog: actions have been failed

Hi, everyone!
I have tried 3 times to create fastpages blog but I have been failed all three times.
I don’t get the PR after I generate a copy of the repo using the link in instructions.
I have checked Actions and found out that github-actions/ setup always failed with message .github#L1 GitHub Actions has encountered an internal error when running your job.
What possibly have I made wrong, could you help?
Thank you in advance.

It’s impossible to troubleshoot or help given the information provided please provide

Link to your repo?

Also Can you try this again?

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I think it was some problem inside the git. After few hours it started to work without any changes. I just again have rerun the actions.
I’m not sure that it is needed now, but just in case here is a link to my repo .
Thank you a lot and sorry for disturbing.

No problem glad it worked perhaps GitHub was down