Cannot get Jupyter to open in browser

I have set up a machine on paperspace as per instructions linked on the course page. However, I cannot get the Jupyter notebook to open. This is regardless of whether I use the online terminal on paperspace or ssh to the machine using a local terminal window on my Mac. The page fails to open (on my safari browser) every time and I get the message “Safari can’t open the page because Safari can’t connect to the server”.

I have the same issue. There are some issues when updating conda env.
I created a new machine on paperspase with the same fastai template, but this time didn’t “git pull” neither “conda update”. Just run the jupiter stright away: it worked in my case (for lesson 1 at least).

The same thing was happening to me. I followed these instructions:

and when you get to step 3: Get Notebook url
use Chrome instead of Safari, then it works!! For some reason it doesn’t work on Safari.