Can someone recommend hosting server for blogging website? (ref: Personal Branding)

Hello folks.

Inspired by @rachel 's blog on Personal Branding I have decided to create an ML focused blog.

A fair few folks have good blogs here. Can someone recommend which is a good hosting server?

I have found namecheap, wordpress, squarespace etc. but I am spiraling because I do not know which ones are good.




It’s free, fast, and works with frameworks like jekyll seamlessly.



Thank you. I will give it a go.

Also, check out and

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Squarespace is good because they make it really easy to make a website that works well. (Wordpress is a good choice too.)

Whatever you choose, make sure you own the domain name, so you can easily switch to some other provider when you outgrow your current one.

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I use only nitrous hosting
It is really fast and very cheap

do they charge for wordpress ? i.e. usually hosting company allows one click installation of wordpress.

WordPress is free to use (1 click install) included in price like all other softocous apss

I’d second Github pages as a start (I set up a Jekyll blog in an evening, though there’s still not really any worthwhile content :slight_smile: ), and if you want more viral spread then maybe write articles on

I have a Jekyll Github site myself ( Took a little getting used to for customization, but fairly easy and free.

But I do have a question about search engine optimization. I installed the SEO plugin, but for others my website still doesn’t show up on the first page of Google when they type in my name. I really have no idea about how SEO works. Does anybody have advice?