Can someone help me solve this problem 403 - Forbidden

Warning: Looks like you’re using an outdated API Version, please consider updating (server 1.5.6 / client 1.5.4)
403 - Forbidden

I try to download data from kaggle to google collab.

I guess you need to download new API token from kaggle (kaggle.json file)

I guess you need indicate that you agree to be bound with the rules (By clicking on the “I understand and accept” button)

You must join to the competition to have access. The email of colab must match to your kaggle account.

I Have the same problem
i have applied all the above suggestions but still the problem reamains.
I guess it is because i have execute this command

pip install "pandas<0.25.0"

please what might i do to get rid of this issue?

thks a lot