Can I use pytorch 0.4.0 for the lessons?


I just noticed new pytorch release 0.4.0.
I’m now catching up pytorch tutorial again, which seems also updated to follow 0.4.0, but I’m afraid that even previous tutorial(0.3.1) doesn’t work quite well on 0.4.0.
In such circumstance, is there something to do with using pytorch 0.4.0 for the lessons?

(Andrew Begun) #2

It looks like Jeremy has been making some v0.4 specific commits over the past few weeks so there is hope.

(lizhipeng) #3

the release 0.4.0 has many change, for example the tensor,it has remove the Variable from 0.4.0

(Jeremy Howard) #4

Everything should work in 0.4 except for the language modeling stuff. I’d recommend sticking with 0.3 until we officially support 0.4 however (at which point we’ll update the fastai environment so you’ll be automatically upgraded).

(Gurpreet Singh) #5

Hi @jeremy Any news regarding 0.4 support? and Thanks for the wonderful course.

(Kaiyin Zhong) #6

Any updates on this? Thanks!