Can I get by just using free resources of paperspace?

Hi Guys,

Can I get by just using Free-GPU Free-p4000 GPU by creating a notebook?

I have started the Part 1 (2018) and have managed to get by using free resources for lesson#1.

People who have completed the course can please share their insights?


All I’ve ever used is Google Colab (and it’s what I tell my study group to use too!) for everything but NLP. That’s mostly due to data persistence. Then I tell them go to paperspace and utilize their free GPUs now :slight_smile:

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@savan8192 I’d also highly recommend watching #part1-v3 over the 2018 one unless you have a particular reason for watching the older one :slight_smile:

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Hi Sanyam, yeah, I am making the move, I somehow couldn’t see 2019 version and started 2018. One of the other veteran students also recommended 2019.

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