Can CTPN or CRNN be changed to recognize multiple words

I am playing around with CTPN ( from this GitHub Repo . This provides me with word boundaries in images. However, the word boundaries contain multiple words. For example in the image below:


One of the boxes detected for text are


When this box is run through CRNN ( i get the result themistakeyou.

Does someone have any experience with this?

  • Should I be modifying CTPN to detect single word boundaries or modifying CRNN to recognize multiple words?
  • Can CRNN be re-trained to recognize multiple words at same time?

Would appreciate any help on this.

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As far as I know, you can use CTC as loss function to train your model. The loss function enables you to have multi `labels’ in a row as Y of your model.

The implementation I’m using of CRNN does use CTC: but I’m unsure whether you’re suggesting that I retrain CRNN with data that contains multiple words? or tweak the parameters. If former, is there a dataset I could use? Mostly folks use but it contains single words

Seems like author thinks CTC won’t work

In this project, captcha labels contain multiple letters. However, I am not sure if words should be kept together as well. CTC seems to ignore blanks with a region. Looking forward to learning from OCR experts.

Did you try training on any other datasets…? refer this. The author has achieved reading a page from document.

Dear @omnipresent,

I just came across your question today. How is it going? Can you now recognized multiple words?

I am implementing CRNN to do the same and now the accuracy is up to 80%. I did some modification in model architecture in the CRNN repo.

Dear @munziliashali,

Thank you for sharing the details.

For achieving 80% accuracy , were you doing any pre-processing ?. How many epochs did you have to run ?

Yes, I was. I needed to perform binarization to all my texts with this repo before feeding it to CRNN model.

I reached 80% acc around epoch 500.

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@munziliashali, for training the model , were you using your own dataset or any publicly available dataset ?. thanks.

@harikrishnanrajeev, I used my own dataset. :slight_smile:

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thanks @munziliashali , few more questions :slight_smile:

a) Have you used any pre-trained models ?.
b) How did you generate data for your custom dataset ?.