Can buy a windows laptop and then install linux? Will it work?

Hi, I am planning to buy a laptop with Nvidia gpu. Can I buy a windows laptop and remove the os and install Linux on it. Will, there be any performance issues with the gpu due to it? As I don’t want to use the dual boot system or rent a virtual machine from Amazon, Google, or any other place.

You can, or you could buy a Linux laptop (and then install Windows if you want)!
I did this and have been very happy with my System76 Oryx Pro Linux laptop. System76 works hard to ensure all the device drivers stay up to date. Their Pop_OS! is an Ubuntu variant.

Or, friends who started from Windows laptops have praised the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as being so robust that you may not need to actually ever install Linux, just use WSL.

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Thanks, @drscotthawley for such a nice explanation.

Please check if the GPU has an available Linux driver before. I’ve once brought an expensive gaming laptop, removed Windows and installed Ubuntu just to find out, that the GPU has no Linux driver.

You can check here:

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