Calling to join fastai EN2CN translation group

Calling to join fastai EN2CN translation group


We hope this repo will become a community project, in which all the fastai enthusiasts can work together to provide EN to CN subtitles for fastai videos.

关于贡献与荣誉 About Credits


When you contribute to subtitles on Youtube, you are required to have a Youtube account and contribute a significant amount ( however how much is significant is unknown) to get credit. So, this is not convenient at all.


When we finish a subtitle here, we can discuss a groupname for our Youtube account to submit subtitles, and then when @jeremy accepts our subtitles, this groupname will be displayed on video page. Viewers if they want to, can find our project page here through our Youtbue account.

所有人的贡献在做pull request PR 时都会被记录下来。大家各自的主页中也会有展示。

Any contribution from anyone will be recorded and credited through PR. You can also display your contribution through your github page too.


In order to credit you as a main contributor on this page, you need to provide subtitles or improve existing subtitles with 10 minutes in length. (A typical lesson lasts for 2 hours)


If you are already a main contributor and really love to do more, please apply to become a Lead on a particular video you like. You can contact me @Daniel for details.

项目分解 Project details



You can start to provide Chinese subtitles based on the provided English subtitles.



Or you can help to provide English subtitles from Lesson 1 to Lesson 5, for examples you can see Lesson6ENCN and Lesson7ENCN



You can also help to improve on existing Chinese subtitles.

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