Call For Collaborators/Ideas: Build a ML Powered GitHub App For FastAI Maintainers

Cross posting this in a public channel…

Hello friends, I want to share this project with you:, which is a tutorial on how to build GitHub apps that can automate your development workflow using machine learning. The next step for us will be to use (because we really love fastai, we put some ideas in the “Next Steps” portion of the blog post).

If we do this, we may even be able to convince @jeremy to install an app on some of his public repo(s), it would be cool to say “We are using fastai to build fastai”.

However, I am not sure if fastai maintainers really care about issue labeling, since issues are groomed and closed at a crazy pace (there is only one open issue at the moment of this writing!) It would be interesting to hear feedback from @jeremy @sgugger and @stas and other maintainers to see if there are any other ideas that address pain points in the development workflow on GitHub that could be automated with machine learning using GitHub apps (see the blog post if you want an example of what I’m talking about).

Shameless plug: if you like the project and want to support it, please considerinstalling this app on your public repos (it is free). The code for this is open source and available on this repo. Would love to have the fastai community involved in this.

Looking forward to everyone’s ideas and feedback. Thank you in advance.

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Can confirm this is less useful for fastai since we use the issues for tracking standing bugs only: the new features or help to debug code are all done on the forum.

But it sounds super cool!

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Thanks @sgugger, let me know if anything ever comes to mind about any other workflows that you might find useful to automate w/machine learning on GitHub and I’ll give it a shot !

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