C3.ai COVID-19 Grand Challenge - $200K in prizes for a good cause

This challenge hit my inbox this morning. $200K in prize money and a good cause for the world. The solution space is wide open, but at a minimum, the C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake must be used as one source of data.

Here’s the link for anyone who may be interested: C3.ai Covid-19 Grand Challenge

It’s a little different than a Kaggle competition with a clear set of metrics. The winners will be judged on data science projects that help us understand and mitigate the spread of the virus; improve the response capabilities of the medical community; minimize the impact of this disease on society and help policymakers navigate responses to COVID-19

Projects may address, but are not limited to:

  • Applying machine learning and other AI methods to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Genome-specific COVID-19 medical protocols, including precision medicine of host responses
  • Biomedical informatics methods for drug design and repurposing
  • Design and sharing of clinical trials for collecting data on medications, therapies, and interventions
  • Modeling, simulation, and prediction for understanding COVID-19 propagation and efficacy of interventions
  • Logistics and optimization analysis for design of public health strategies and interventions
  • Rigorous approaches to designing sampling and testing strategies
  • Data analytics for COVID-19 research harnessing private and sensitive data
  • Improving societal resilience in response to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Broader efforts in biomedicine, infectious disease modeling, response logistics and optimization, public health efforts, tools, and methodologies around the containment of rising infectious diseases and response to pandemics.

Hey Mark I just saw this and looked into it. I’m super interested in what they did as I have my own covid tracker on my website. I was trying to find the “dashboard” of the winners here. Are you familiar with much about how the competition went?


I did see this showcasing the winners, but I didn’t see any dashboard similar to what you might see in a kaggle competition.


Ah, thanks for getting back so quickly. I was hoping I could find the dashboard they mentioned in that video to maybe use for a company I work with.

I suppose I’ll have to contact them directly.

Are you involved or do you look out for these competitions often?
I’m trying to figure out where there are more opportunities to use this cool Fast.AI I’ve learned.